Today's teenagers are faced with so many challenges

Screen time, cyberbullying and sexting are just are a few pressures that modern teens face. ​​It’s difficult for parents to keep up. Hannah Milford works with teens and their parents to bridge the generation gap and bring understanding and connection.  

Common concerns

 • Low Self-Esteem & Poor Body Image
​ • Depression, Moodiness & Lack of Motivation
 • Anxiety, Stress & Perfectionism
​ • ​Social & Emotional Impairments
​​ • Anger & Disrespect
​​ • Lack of Responsibility at Home or School

Therapy can help teens:

 • Open pathways communication with parents
 • ​​​Foster personal responsibility and self-regulation 
​​ • ​Develop emotional self-awareness 
​​ • ​​​​Increase motivation and organization skills at home or school
​​ • ​Improve self-image and Confidence 
​​​ • Learn healthy coping skills 

Wondering if therapy is right for your teenager? 
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Treatment Modalities

Therapy is personalized to meet your teen's individual needs.  Treatment approaches can include:

 • Traditional Talk Therapy 
 • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
 • Biofeedback & Mindfulness Training
 • Expressive Art Therapy Techniques
​ • Sandtray Therapy

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