Parents & Caregivers

Parenthood can come with many unexpected challenges

Often by the time parents ask for help, they have exhausted all their resources.  Unfortunately too many parents feel discouraged and don't know what to do.  

I help parents regain confidence and control with practical skills, guidance and resources. When working with parents, I provide a supportive and nonjudgmental environment to help you explore new ways of parenting and connecting with your child. 

Common parenting concerns:

 • Discipline & Setting Boundaries
 • Parent/Child Power Struggles
 • Child Separation Anxiety & Excessive Fear
 • Strained Parent/Child Relationship
 • Homework, Mealtime, Bedtime or Morning Hassles  

Parent coaching can help:

 • Reduce power struggles and promote cooperation
 • Better understand your child's misbehavior and how to respond effectively
 • Develop a kind but firm voice when setting limits
 • Open communication and build a stronger parent-child relationship

Take a Positive Approach to Parenting

When working with parents, I take the Positive Discipline approach, operating under the belief that children’s misbehavior is a result of unmet needs. When parents understand the root of their child’s misbehavior and how to respond affectively, families can peacefully resolve conflict without a power struggle. You can enjoy parenting again and create household harmony!

Services for Parents

As a Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, I work with caregivers in private and group settings. Parents can learn practical tools to create safe boundaries for their children through parent coaching sessions and workshops. Discover below what services are right for you and your family:

Parent Coaching

Want a new way of interacting with your child? Parent coaching is wonderful resource that helps parents learn new and practical parenting skills.  Develop a deeper understanding of your child in the security of private sessions.

Parenting Workshops

Hannah is a Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and offers parenting education workshops to parents and local agencies in central Texas. Click below to view upcoming workshops.

Host a Parenting Party 

Parenting parties are private workshops held in the comfort of your own home. Invite your friends or have a private couples lesson. Each party is catered to the groups individual needs. 

Please note that parent coaching and trainings are not therapy or counseling. Parenting services cannot be billed to insurance.

Have questions about what service is right for you?

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