New Client Paperwork

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, it is time to fill out the appropriate intake forms. These forms help the therapist learn more about you and for you to understand your rights as a client. New clients are required to sign an informed consent and HIPPA compliance form before receiving counseling services.

Adults will sign for minors under 18. Parents and guardians must provide proof of custody and/or ability to make medical decisions for minor. Accepted documents may include custody agreement or divorce paperwork. This information must be presented before a minor may be seen. 

New client forms are available to download below. Please have forms filled out in their entirety prior to your first appointment. Your answers will help in providing you the best possible care. 

Download Forms

Please  Fill Out Forms and Bring to Your First Session

Adult Intake Forms

Forms for parents or guardians seeking therapy for a minor under 18 years old. 

Child Intake Forms

Forms for clients over 18 years old and over seeking individual counseling.

Do you have questions about the paperwork?
Call Hannah for help: (512) 657-5893